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"You dream it, we create it!"

We are a husband and wife team 

specializing in custom woodworking, sewing and alterations.  


HC Design Co. was born out of our love to create one of a kind pieces.  

About Hillary

I am a 4th Generation Seamstress who has been sewing since I was big enough to sit on my mother's lap (over 3o years).  I can remember watching and helping my Mother Patty, Grandmothers Vera & Kathy, and Great Grandmother sew.  Little did I know at that time I was learning a life skill that would one day become my passion.  I could not be more proud to pass these traditions on to my daughter, a 5th generation seamstress.

About Josh

My love for art is what drives my passion for custom woodworking. Every item I produce is a one of a kind work of art. When I met Hillary I discovered her Father Roy, Great-Uncle Gilbert, and her Grandfather Carl also shared the same passion. Although some generations have passed on, the memories stay alive.  By using their same tools and knowledge they have passed down to me, I can now pass on to my son.

At HC Design Co. we believe in quality products and service. Skills and Knowledge that have been passed down through our Heritage allowing us to create Custom work that can be passed down for more generations to come.

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