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Handcrafted Farmhouse Tables

Our farmhouse tables have a unique twist. We go back to the roots of wood working to create beauty and durability.

The base of our tables are handcrafted with both tenon & mortises and lap joints to hold up for generations of use. This technique uses the wood with precision cuts and joinery to provide superior strength.

You may be wondering; what is a tenon & mortise joint? What is a lap joint? So how do they create a strong and durable structure?


Let's start with the tenon and mortise joint, it is defined as: Adjoining pieces connected at an angle.

The basic tenon and mortise comprises two components: the mortise hole and the tenon tongue.

The tenon, is formed on the end of a member generally referred to as a rail, it is inserted into a square or rectangular hole cut into the corresponding member. The tenon is cut to fit the mortise hole exactly and usually has shoulders that seat when the joint fully enters the mortise hole.

There are many joint variations, which leads to many different styles.


There is also the Lap joint defined as: a joint made by placing one member over another and fastening them together.

On this table, the base support piece is halved into the side leg pieces to prevent any movement of the base. This not only provides strength, but is a beautiful decor element.


Our tables are built to serve as a functional and beautiful piece that will last for decades. Each table is custom to your home and is one of a kind. No two are identical. Each piece of wood has it's own character and tells a story. The dining table is the heart of every home. These are the tables that hold all your family memories of Holidays, Birthdays and simple family dinners. The investment is well worth it on this piece of furniture!

Are you ready for your one of kind handcrafted table?

-HC Design Co.

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