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Arched Wooden Gate

A gate is the first thing you see before entering the yard. Having a beautiful and functional piece gives a warm and inviting presence to the outside of the home.

This wooden gate started as a vision. In this blog we will show you how we made the vision come to life.

For this project we decided to go with cedar and redwood. Both these woods share properties that allow them to be rot, moisture and insect resistant. Meaning this gate will hold up against the elements.

To ensure this outdoor gate lasts for years without sagging, we made the decision to use deep tenon and mortis on the frame. Taking us back to traditional ways of woodworking.

Each joint is hand carved for a precise tight fit.

Next we cut dados on the inside of the stile and rails for the cedar tongue and groove panels to nestle. Tongue and groove helps the prevent gaps during contraction and expansion of the wood.

Once the pieces of the frame are secured together, we use wooden dowels along with the highest quality wood glue to lock them in place.

No screws or nails were used in the construction of this beautiful gate.

Once glue is dried, the gate is then sealed with numerous coats of spar urethane to enhance the grain of the wood and give maximum protection.

Stay tuned for pictures of this beautiful gate installed.

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